SCAMP (Suite for Computer-Assisted Music in Python) 0.8.7

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SCAMP is a computer-assisted composition framework in Python designed to act as a hub, flexibly connecting the composer-programmer to a variety of resources for playback and notation. SCAMP provides functionality to manage the flow of musical time, play back notes via SoundFonts or MIDI or OSC messages to an external synthesizer, and quantizes and exports the result to music notation in the form of MusicXML or LilyPond.

Below, you will find instructions for getting SCAMP up and running on your computer, as well as complete API Documentation. Narrative documentation is available in the form of these Tutorial Videos. If you’re looking for more of an overview, the following video provides a good introduction to the framework:

You can also read the paper introducing the framework, and check out the “tutorial” examples found here.


Consider joining the forum at, where you can ask questions, share your creations, make suggestions for the development of the framework, and generally take part in the wider SCAMP community. The forum is open-registration, and runs on Discourse, an open-source discussion platform.

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