expenvelope package

Expenvelope is a library for expressing piecewise exponential curves, with musical applications in mind. (This is modeled in some ways on the Env class in SuperCollider.) Contents of this package include the envelope module, which defines the central Envelope class, and the envelope_segment module, which defines the EnvelopeSegment class, out of which an Envelope is built.



Module containing the central Envelope class, which represents a piece-wise exponential function.


Module containing the EnvelopeSegment class.


Module containing the SavesToJSON abstract class for serializing complex objects back and forth to JSON files.

Public-Facing API (result of import *):

Envelope(levels, durations, curve_shapes, …)

Class representing a piece-wise exponential function.

EnvelopeSegment(start_time, end_time, …)

A segment of an envelope, with the ability to perform interpolation and integration.