scamp.quantization.quantize_performance_part(part: PerformancePart, quantization_scheme: scamp.quantization.QuantizationScheme, onset_weighting: float = 'default', termination_weighting: float = 'default', inner_split_weighting: float = 'default')[source]

Quantizes a performance part (in place) and sets its voice_quantization_records

  • part – a PerformancePart

  • quantization_scheme – a QuantizationScheme

  • onset_weighting – How much do we care about accurate onsets

  • termination_weighting – How much do we care about accurate terminations

  • inner_split_weighting – How much do we care about inner segmentation timing (e.g. tuple note lengths)


a QuantizationRecord, detailing all of the time signatures, beat divisions selected, etc.