Module containing classes and functions related to the quantization of performances. (This includes the TimeSignature class, which also has bearing on musical notation.)


BeatQuantizationScheme(length, divisors, …)

Scheme for making a decision about which divisor to use to quantize a beat

MeasureQuantizationScheme(beat_schemes, …)

Scheme for quantizing a measure, including beat lengths and which beat divisors to allow.


Record of how a PerformancePart was quantized.

QuantizationScheme(measure_schemes, loop)

Scheme for quantizing a PerformancePart or Performance

QuantizedBeat(start_beat, …)

Record of how a beat was quantized (named tuple)

QuantizedMeasure(start_beat, measure_length, …)

Record of how a measure was quantized (named tuple).

TimeSignature(numerator, Sequence[int]], …)

Class representing the time signature of a measure


quantize_performance_part(part, …[, …])

Quantizes a performance part (in place) and sets its voice_quantization_records