scamp_extensions.playback package

Subpackage containing playback-related extensions, such as support for multi-preset instruments, and direct integration with SuperCollider.



Subpackage containing tools for interfacing with SuperCollider.



This module defines the MultiPresetInstrument class, a convenience class that combines multiple ScampInstrument objects so that they can create a single part in the score.

Public-Facing API (result of import *):

MultiNoteHandle(note_handles, …)

The equivalent of an NoteHandle but for a MultiPresetInstrument.

MultiPresetInstrument(session, name, …)

A convenient wrapper for bundling multiple ScampInstrument objects or soundfont presets into a single notated part, and assigning particular notations to these presets.


Object that starts up an instance of sclang as a subprocess, and facilitates communication with that subprocess via OSC.

SCPlaybackImplementation(*args, **kwargs)

A subclass of OSCPlaybackImplementation designed to communicate with a running copy of SCLang (via an SCLangInstance).


Adds several new functions to the ScampInstrument class, as well as to the Ensemble (and therefore Session).